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I led a team of brand designers and copywriters in bringing Vimeo’s brand personality to life across both marketing and product.


At Vimeo, my role evolved from copywriter to messaging lead to creative director over the course of 3.5 years. I worked with nearly every department: product, marketing, production, support, legal, HR, and more. I relished the opportunity to make Vimeo look, feel, and sound like one cohesive and compelling brand throughout our many channels, platforms, and products.

UI copy

There are many flavors of Vimeo on many platforms and devices. (And languages! Hello, localization.) I was lucky enough to work on all of them. More specifically, I’m referring to:


  • Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business

  • Vimeo On Demand

  • Vimeo on iOS, Android, and TV

  • Cameo (acquired in 2014)


Marketing communications

In addition to delivering and managing strings upon strings of content, I also wrote copy for assets upon assets, like:

  • Emails and newsletters

  • Banner and house ads

  • In-product upsells + pricing pages

  • Promoted social posts

  • Video tutorials


Brand campaigns

Sometimes, we’d take our marketing OOH and develop sweeping campaigns to generate greater brand awareness. I worked closely with brand designers to produce:

  • Subway takeovers (Snakes on a Train!)

  • Bus and wall wraps

  • Murals and signage

  • Event installations and booths

  • User-generated-content (UGC) initiatives and partnerships


I was also responsible for the content strategy, planning, and producing behind our blog and social channels. I worked with a very small team to:

  • Overhaul the Vimeo blog and post more frequently

  • Redefine Vimeo Video School how-to content

  • Launch @vimeo on Instagram

  • Use our social reach to promote amazing video creators and artists around the globe