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I worked closely with designers, product managers, engineers, and marketers to infuse Foursquare’s apps and editorial channels with clarity, humor, and humanity.


I worked on a variety of team and projects at Foursquare, but my impulse was always to make the thing sound like Foursquare—friendly, witty, with-it, and not afraid to get a little wacky when the time was right.

Below you’ll find a smattering of my favorite work from my #4sq days…

Help Center Redesign

Content strategy, information architecture, technical & support writing

I redesigned our support site and rewrote all of the content (hundreds of articles) inside it to make it easier for our users to find the answers they need. If they were still stumped, they could create a support ticket, which in turn triggered automated canned responses that I likewise reworked and reworded.


Foursquare Business App

Content strategy, branding, UI copy, marketing, white papers

In 2013, we launched the Foursquare for Business app to help local businesses reach and connect with existing and potential customers. Business managers could post regular updates to their profiles, create “specials” to attract more visitors and reward loyal customers, and keep track of stats including check-ins and likes.


Contextual Messages

UI copy, brand messaging

If you’re a Foursquare fan or former user, you may recall the playful messages that would appear just after you checked in. Yep. I wrote a bunch of those with guidance from mega brand masters Jon Steinback and Talisa Chang. And what’s more, I worked closely with our data engineers to make sure they were dynamic and personalized just for you.


Badge Lingo

Copywriting, UI copy

Oh, you were an avid badge collector? You very likely encountered my work now and then. From bagels to zombies to fried chicken, I had a real talon-t for packing in the puns. For each badge, I wrote a handful of dynamic strings that’d change the more times you checked in.


Game of Cones

Brand strategy, copywriting, product marketing

Just before I departed Foursquare to take on new challenges at Vimeo, I developed a rather silly idea during one of our hack days that became reality: Game of Cones, a Foursquare-powered ice cream challenge in partnership with HBO that coincided with the initial GoC craze. #summeriscoming forever!





Content design systems: writing guidelines for components, patterns, and beyond